Thursday, June 28, 2007

From I'm Not Obsessed, an interview in NYLON mag where she addresses being a former heroin addict and rumored anorexic.

Nicole was recently interviewed by Nylon Magazine and confessed that she doesn’t want to be looked at as a role model. She is surprised that young girls look up to her and finds it dangerous.

“I don’t walk around pretending that I’m perfect, so I don’t think anyone should hold me to that. The dangerous thing is that there are 16, 17, 18-year-olds that people consider to be role models. I’m so happy I wasn’t famous back then. You’d think I was the fucking devil.”

She also is so angry that the press keeps on tagging her as an anorexic.

“It’s really sad how obsessed America is with weight. It’s sick. I’ve never gone a day without putting food in my mouth. I’ve never sewn my mouth shut. I’ve never gone on a liquid diet. So I want to know why I’m the face for a problem.”

Nicole even opened up about her time as a heroin addict. She insists she never reached the “crazy crack head” level that some of her peers did.

“When I pictured heroin, I pictured some crazy crackhead with no shoes under a bridge. You never think that is going to be you.
“And it never was me. I was never under a bridge, and I always had shoes.”

She should talk to Anthony Keidis about being under a bridge. Is that where all the LA crackheads hang out?

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