Thursday, June 28, 2007

This gross story from A Socialite's Life: "The Willis-Moore clan are fun. The mom marries some goofy cat way younger than her, and Dad will chase tail openly in front of the kids. "My Dad's so funny! He was totally staring at that model's tits the other night! Then he went home with her! Wear a condom, Daddy! Get some! Yippee-kay Aye, Motherf*cker! Whoot!"

At the after-party for his movie premiere Friday night, at Spotlive Live in Times Square, Willis was spotted "flirting and leaving with a gorgeous young blonde." Our spy said he picked her up "right in front of [his 18-year-old daughter] Rumer Willis." On Sunday, the bald bachelor held court with a table of "20-something models" while celebrating Petra Nemcova's birthday at the Gramercy Park Hotel - again with his daughter looking on.

Bruce is far too All-American to be playing some sort of psychosexual game with his daughter, so I'm just going to chalk it up to loose morals and bad parenting. Did he high-five his daughter as he left?

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