Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pete Doherty...ah, Pete Doherty. Agent Bedhead is reporting that while he may have kicked the drugs (temporarily, I would bet), he'd like to pick up a new extracurric. And that would be...shooting guns.

"When one decides to dump cocaine and heroin, a new hobby is in order to occupy the time one would ordinarily spend getting pissed full stop. Naturally, Pete Doherty thought a smashing new pastime for him would be . . . shooting guns:

I want to get a shotgun and a flat cap and go shooting like they all do in the country. It could be my new hobby.

Alas, this romantic quest was not meant to be, for when Pete sauntered over to the local constabulary and applied for a licence to randomly shoot things, his application was rejected. Prison time and multiple drug convictions tend to have that unwanted effect.

Meanwhile, the latest scandal to envelop the poor bloke has sprung an act of contrition. Whilst clutching a trash bag, Pete apologized to a Splash News camera:

If I could just apologize um . . . from my heart . . . for that shit that was in the paper . . . ‘cuz I was really off my nut, and that’s why I’m in rehab.

Kate Moss is said to be “livid” over the video footage taken in Thailand of Pete injecting cocaine and has chosen to avoid the appearance of impropriety by telling him to get lost for the time being.

Or at least until next week."

What a heartfelt apology, Kate should be thrilled. Sounds like he's really learned from his mistakes. And kudos to those who rejected his application. All he needs the next time he steals a car is a gun so he can shoot at police. That would just be the icing on the cake.

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