Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Celebitchy is speculating that Michelle Williams not only got a new ring, but also a new face...

"Michelle Williams was seen in the front row of the Sari Gueron Fashion Show hiding her left hand while she was being photographed. You can still see a hint of the wedding/engagement ring she was spotted out with earlier, sparking rumors that she had married her boyfriend and father of her child, Heath Ledger.

One thing that really strikes me is that her face looks much different. Her eyes, cheeks and nose look different. She had her fansites shut down for some reason (I love when people think they can control the Internet) so it’s harder to find older comparison shots of her, like it takes a few more seconds. There’s uh, speculation that she had a nose job a few years ago, and it’s possible she had something done recently, but it could just be the lighting. Yeah, right. Is this even the same person?"

The pictures, found at celebitchy.com, aren't incredibly revealing, but then again, I'm not one for comparing before/after paparazzi images...I mean, to what extent do they airbrush regular photos? It's difficult to tell when a celeb has had work done, unless it's an obvious nose job like Ashlee Simpson, or lip injections like Meg Ryan. I think bigger news is if she married Heath Ledger or not, and why are they trying to hide it? They already have a daughter together, and witnesses already spotted them at the courthouse in November.

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