Tuesday, February 06, 2007


--> DListed is rightly calling Jamie Burke the "Indie KFed" after he was seen making out with Sienna Miller in the lobby of an NYC hotel...he's previously been linked with Kate Moss and Linsday Lohan AND Courtney Love, she with Puffy and Hayden Christensen AND don't forget Jude Law, now they're...linked with each other? What does he even do?

--> “We’re like two n*ggers. N*gger hoodlum, broke poor bitch from, like, Compton.” So spoke Paris Hilton, in addition to calling herself and sister Nicky "fags", on a video available on Parisexposed.com. Both terms have caused Michael Richards and Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington, respectively, serious media firestorm, and sensitivity training in rehab for the latter. There is now an internet boycott of products affiliated with Paris, and I'm wondering why that didn't about sooner, slurs or not. Expect a public apology within a few days from her questioning-his-job publicist Elliot Mintz.

--> Former "Lost" costar Michelle Rodriguez went to a Marc Jacobs fashion show (why??) wearing a police anklet (double why??), assumingly to poke fun at her run-ins with the law. Mostly it just looks like a black ankle weight, which only begs the question: is she a devotee of Slim in Six? Rodriguez has been in the news recently after her girlfriend Kristanna Lokken outed their relationship publicly, then she was seen with French actor Olivier Martinez BEFORE he broke up with long-suffering gf Kylie Minogue (that happened this weekend.) Rumors of his infidelity plagued their relationship even during her battle with breast cancer, so he obviously is a stand-up guy.

--> OJ Simpson could give two shits if his "hypothetical" book "If I Did It" never got published; according to Simpson, he still got paid, which seems to be all that matters. “I don’t care. I got paid just the same.” What's sick is you KNOW that book would be a bestseller.

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