Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Go Fug Yourself recently commented on the amazing transformation of Marilyn Manson's new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, into his ex-wife, Dita Von Teese, who herself was an eerie incarnate of Manson's earlier gf Rose McGowan, something GhostofaFlea.com calls "The McGowan Effect."

"Oh, but before we go: WHAT IS THE DEAL, woman?

I mean, seriously. Has it escaped your notice that you appear to be shacking up with Marilyn Manson? And that you're 19, and he's, like, 38 or so, and also a horrific prince of doom? Did he give you beer goggles that make him look like Kiefer Sutherland? Does he turn back into a cuddly little pumpkin after midnight? Is his junk made of Diet Coke? WHAT? What is it?

Because it's rather well documented -- we're certainly not the first to say it -- that you are starting to turn yourself into his ex, Dita Von Teese."

To play devil's advocate, I think ERW probs didn't have a particular identity before...I mean, she wasn't a pop starlet, or a fashionista movie star, or an indie icon; she kind of was just there...with really good performances. Now she has her chance in dating Marilyn Manson to become some sort of goth goddess, or 1940s pinup, whichever route she chooses, and with the flattened curls and red lipstick, I would guess the latter. Personally, I wouldn't want to associate myself with Marilyn Manson even at the expense of an identity, but if we look at this as her "Thirteen" character come to life, we'll just chalk it up to um, experimenting.

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