Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Something about those "Thirteen" girls and older men...are they trying to prove something? From Celebitchy:

"Ryan Phillippe was caught out on a date with O.C. guest star Nikki Reed, who played Ryan’s girlfriend on the show last season. She’s only 18, and turns 19 in mid May of this year. (Thanks to ashaali on JJB for the ID.)

According to X17, the paparazzi agency who has pictures of the two, with Philippe looking buzzed and Reed covering her face, say his friends kind-of confirmed that she’s his new girlfriend, and got all upset at the photographers for some reason. Phillippe seemed to be ok with the fact that pictures were being taken:

We caught Ryan Phillippe last night at Winston’s with a new woman! And while Ryan looked pretty pleased with himself and was very cordial with our photogs, Ryan’s friends were not so nice. Channing Tatum went postal, threatening our snappers, upset that they had taken pix of Ryan with his new girl (in other words, upset that the spotlight was on Ryan, not him).

Channing and a pal were arguing and threatening our photographers and then chased them in the car, driving really dangerously, according to our snappers. Our guys were worried, they decided to stop at the Santa Monica Police Department to clear things up and well, we caught that on video so stay tuned!"

Okay, why does Channing Tatum come into play here? Didn't know he and Phillippe were friends? And somehow, I can't see soon-to-be ex-wife Reese Witherspoon dating for a loooong time, and if she does, I don't think it will be a with a celeb. She might go the cameraman route like Julia Roberts, but her stardom obvs had an effect on her relationship with Ryan, so I'm thinking she'll go more low-key next time.

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