Friday, February 02, 2007

Lindsay Lohan, rehab-goer extraordinaire, has backed out of an upcoming movie, A Woman of No Importance, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The story, from Bricks and Stones:

"She doesn't want to just yes everyone and compromise herself anymore," says her publicist, Leslie Sloane. "If anything has been learned, it's that what she needs comes first – and right now she needs focus." Currently Lohan is working on I Know Who Killed Me, which had to halt filming for a short time when she had surgery to get her appendix removed, and then later entered the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles. Rather than jumping from movie to movie, Lohan plans to take it easy for a few weeks, according to Sloane, who adds: "It's a mature thing to do. ... She's doing this so she can focus on getting better." ( first reported on her decision.) However, that doesn't mean that the actress won't be working. She has upcoming commitments to do publicity for her film, Georgia Rule.A Woman of No Importance stars Annette Bening, with whom Lohan was scheduled to work on Freaky Friday – until Bening bowed out of the role that was eventually played by Jamie Lee Curtis. "Lindsay is sad that she's unable to finally get to work with Annette, because she's a huge fan and respects her," says Sloane.

All I want to know is, is this the movie she learned to stripper dance for? And got the UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION bruises? She's so wacky.

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