Friday, February 02, 2007

From Bricks and Stones, "What is it about Sundance that turns boyfriends into Dicks? Heather Graham and her boyfriend Charles Ferri, a clubowner whose Star Lounge is set to open any minute in New York. Heather and Charles were at the Hollywood Life magazine party and she was being photographed and interviewed by reporters about her film Adrift in Manhattan, but, according to our witness, she held onto her boyfriend and didn't ignore him. At one point he walked over to talk to two girls and when Heather was free she moved over to join them. She stood politely, smiling sweetly while they talked until the boyfriend angrily grabbed her and pulled her outside. Party guests could see him through the large window, berating and screaming at the miserable lookng Heather. For fiteen minutes he lectured her viciously at top volume as she came closer to tears. When he came back inside the boyfriend was still ranting "THAT'S why I HATE actresses! They're so INSECURE- I can't even TALK to another girl!" people tried to calm him and Heather went home alone, upset. The angry boyfriend (who has been described as a "womanizer") went on to another party on his own."

What a capital "D" Dick! She should beat him with a rollerskate.

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