Thursday, February 01, 2007


--> Photogs out to catch a pic of Jessica Biel got something more incriminating: discovering her ringtone is set to "SexyBack" by new flame-or-friend Justin Timberlake.

--> Why Joe Francis of "Girls Gone Wild" is a douchebag: he admitted to Howard Stern he had unprotected sex with Paris Hilton, Kimberley Stewart, and Linsday Lohan, but that Tara Reid was the worst because she made him wear a condom (oh the horrors). He claimed that Paris gave the best blowjobs, which seriously disputes ex-boyfriend Nick Carter's claims that Paris is a prude and will only have sex when fucked up so it's always mediocre. I Don't Like You In That Way, in response to all this dicking around, said Joe Francis' penis probs has tentacles and eats cats, which I wouldn't doubt at this point. For uncensored NSFW photos, see

--> Gwen Stefani called Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (what a fucking mouthful) and son Kingston James Rossdale a pair of "little blobs" on their first playdate and waxed poetic about what it would be like if they got married: "That'd be cute!"

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