Thursday, February 01, 2007

Footage of Pete Doherty shooting up just days after his commitment ceremony to Kate Moss in Thailand is hitting the web and newsstands today. The story goes that he left their overpriced resort to go searching for drugs, was recognized by two female fans, brought back to a dirty Thailand hostel, and proceeded to shoot up while talking to (presumably) Kate on his cell phone. For video of the drug binge, go to, or hell, it's probs on YouTube by now. I personally didn't watch the video because I don't need further evidence that he is a fucked up addict who needs serious help.

What I don't like is how the media and his fans are perpetuating this image...seriously, the last time I listened to a Babyshambles song was last year and are they even able to record these days? I think it's only a matter of time before he gets kicked out like he did with the Libertines (RIP). He seems to always be partying with his fans, as there was that incident this past fall where he was photographed injecting a young fan as she laid passed out on the floor. They have this idealized rock star-rebel-without-a-cause thing for him, and continue to endanger him when they seek him out to do drugs. Like "hey, I shot up with Pete Doherty!" Oh, and I just remembered, the young British girls who tried to enter rehab so they could be closer to Pete? Disturbing. Not to misplace blame off of Pete Doherty. He obviously has tried many times to clean up his act, but why do people keep giving him all these chances? Robert Downey Jr. ring a bell? Yes, they're both uniquely talented individuals but that's no excuse for heinous behavior due to drug addiction. At this point, I feel sorry for Kate Moss...if she's addicted to anything, it's him.

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