Thursday, February 01, 2007

According to the New York Daily News, the sex scene between Sienna Miller' Edie Sedgewick and Hayden Christensen's thinly-veiled Bob Dylan character, are not fake at all, and the two, who fooled around for a month during filming but broke it off when Miller did not want a relationship, are actually having sex. As if the movies weren't voyeuristic enough, now we have reason to watch "Factory Girl": straight-up porn! Which is precisely what critics are saying about this release of information: that it is strictly to bump up publicity for the poorly-received film, which was supposed to launch Sienna as a star in her own right, independent of her style icon status or her relationship with Jude Law. The director of the film was characteristically coy when asked about the sex scene and said, "I can’t comment. You’ll have to ask Sienna about it.” Ouch, George Hickenlooper! Double ouch because your name is Hickenlooper!

From The NYDN: "The hot and steamy sex scenes between actress Sienna Miller and actor Hayden Christensen in their new film Factory Girl are getting all kinds of press and not just because they’re so intense, but because an alleged insider says that the intensity comes from the fact that the sex wasn’t simulated. A source told The New York Daily News, “It’s not simulated. They’re really doing it.”

Apparently, Sienna doesn't care about her slutty reputation because she's staying out all night partying with Puffy, leaving her publicist to proclaim, "She's just a good actress." Chyeah, and Scientology isn't just a religion for the rich.

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