Thursday, February 15, 2007


--> From, "Just in case you care or watched Felicity, Keri Russell got married in New York yesterday. Keri married longtime boyfriend, Shane Deary, in a Valentine’s Day ceremony. The two are both 30 and expecting a brat this Summer."

--> In an interview with CNN, Jim Carrey called Tom Cruise "a big joke". And this is AFTER he was invited to the wedding, an honor not even bestowed upon Oprah! “Everyone gets to be the big joke for a year. That’s this business. Last year it was Tom Cruise. I could be the next Kathie Lee Gifford. But you have to say to yourself, ‘Wait a minute, dude, that’s not you.’” Looks like Jim Carrey will always be a joke.

--> Robbie Williams is in rehab. I don't want him rehabilitated if that means he'll be producing more music. "Millennium?" That better have been the drugs talking.

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Will said...

Well done - but I'm waiting for Anna Nicole news...what's going on with that SES??????? By the way, where the devil have you been?