Thursday, February 15, 2007

I haven't been posting because the celeb world has turned into all Anna Nicole, all the time; I can hardly keep up. When will her body be released? She took methadone when she was eight months pregnant! What will happen to Dannielynn, who was underfed per Anna's orders to keep her "sexy"? How many man will step forward claiming to be the baby daddy? Questions and exclamations abound...thankfully we have to keep us informed with minute-by-minute accounts of the ever-changing story. I would suggest their coverage for the least amount of bullshit if you're following the ANS story religiously; they obtain official documents and track down key players in the saga, such as the medical history of the doctor who prescribed Anna methadone while she was pregnant. (I think it's safe to assume his license has been revoked.) I'm trying not to post so much on ANS until more of the truth comes out, and more importantly, definitive decisions as to Dannielynn's paternity and what will happen to her in the coming months. BUT (bear with me) this was on, coming from another website that is holding an online paternity pool. As more men reveal that they believe to be the father of ANS' baby, the charting seems less absurd.

"In the aftermath of Anna's death, several people have come forward saying they could be the father of her baby, Dannielynn. Now a website is looking to settle the matter by using college basketball for inspiration.

You can play "Anna Nicole Paternity Madness" by filling out a bracket of 64 possible baby daddies on Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Prince von Anhalt are among the favorites, but there are some potential dark horses.

Over in the Trailer Park Region, watch out for the 15 seed, Alf. Meanwhile, in the TRIMSPA Region, the first round matchup of Mary-Kate vs. Ashley Olsen should be a good one. But the ultimate sleeper is the 14 seed in the First Cousin Region -- Satan. The Prince of Darkness is capable of anything -- how else do you explain "Glitter?"

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