Monday, December 18, 2006

Lord knows why I'm posting this, as I don't really know why either of these people are famous, Bai Ling maybe for her atrocious outfits and that time she sang bad karaoke on some ABC show, and JR Rotem for making out with Britney Spears last week and holding hands with Hayden Panettierre (don't quote me on that spelling) from "Heroes"...but looks like they might be a new couple. Who cares, but has some info that you still probs don't care about:

"With the clock already running out on his fifteen minutes of fame, Britney Spears' recent make-out partner, "J.R." Rotem, is making a last-ditch effort to stay in the spotlight ... by lingering with Bai Ling.

The two were spotted trying to sneak out the back entrance of Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend, as "J.R." attempted to get his silver Maserati from the valet.

After "J.R." packed the "Lost" actress into his ride, along with a few of his buddies, the group sped off into the night. Britney must be devastated."

Only question: why does he drive a Maserati? Er, how?

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