Monday, December 18, 2006

Hmmm...where to begin? There's almost too much in the saga that is Britney to catch up. In the past weeks, when celebdish was semi-comatose, Brit's become BFF's with Paris Hilton, started partying like a maniac (if she's friends with Paris, this is a necessary quality, as some people look for "a good sense of humor" or "loyalty" when making new friends; Paris just looks for people who can chug Grey Goose stageside like her), made out with those named (Fat Elvis Brandon Davis, and most recently, JR Rotem) and unnamed (could be anyone she happened to bump into while pole-dancing at Hyde), flashed her chatch not once but twice, decided to "split" a pair of fishnets when going out with new BFF all the while holding hands and proclaiming mutual respect for one another, dyed her hair (again), and took Sean P out shopping with said BFF (who is said to "adore" children--yikes!), then finally took the advice of her manager, her publicist, her family and her real friends, and stopped hanging out with Paris. BUT she's still making headlines.

You'll notice that Britney's recycled this little black lace number, this time pairing it oh-so-tastefully with a crimson bra. Was she going clubbing? Sorry. Meeting mom Lynne Spears out for dinner to celebrate her birthday with sister Jamie Lynn. Now that's what I'm wearing to my mom's birthday party next year. Wish I'd thought of it this year.

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