Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Britney Spears is back in peak form...well maybe not "peak" form, she does have a case of saggy pregnancy boobs. Or maybe she's just not wearing a bra? She certainly looks great for having given birth five weeks ago.
There's speculation about Sutton Pierce's name after Kfed slipped on a radio show and said "Like people trying to tell me what my son's name is?" And the reporter said, "So are you saying it's not Sutton Pierce?" And Kfed goes, "There you go." Idiot. But then again, why are they trying to hide his name? Or if he's even a boy? Maybe it's a girl, or a hermaphrodite and they've debated girl names vs. boy names. This is like when Tom and Katie hid Suri from the media for no apparent reason. They can blame it on Scientology or the fact that Tom's a psycho, but really, it's just being secretive. And the American public don't like that.

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