Friday, October 20, 2006

Ah,, that gem. Admit you have one. I do; I hate it, but I do. But have you wondered what celebrities post to one another on their "private" (ie too cool) myspace pages? Well here's some comments, and you'll feel instantly cooler that you use full words and non-gay references in your comments.

Jesse McCartney says to Lindsay Lohan: "Wow, last night= amazing. I see how you can't have your husband in your top 8." Hmmm...are they f-ing? She does have a beautiful soul, I see how he can't stay away.

Then Paris Hilton tells Lindsay: "Its so sad our secret rendezvous at sky villa saturday is out i think we managed to keep it well hidden considering its now tuesday and its just starting to come out now we gettin good at hiding our love for each other bitch." I'm just impressed they spelled "rendezvous" right. And have they never been to third grade? It's called fucking grammar, "bitches."

And this comment from Hilary Duff to Jesse: "ah the usual, but what about you, anything new ..
oh how’s J.Lo? lmao. j/k." What the fuck does "lmao" mean? Is that code for "We both used to have a show on the Disney channel?"

This was fun. Hopefully we'll have more myspace postings in the coming weeks.

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