Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Apparently Nicole Richie likes herself a quickie...and not of the bedroom variety, of the bathroom kind. First we hear the rumor that Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob let loose about Nicole "making a man" out of Jason Mewes aka Jay, i.e. they went at it in a bathroom. Don't forget, he's a former heroin addict, just like Nicole. True love! But now reports are surfacing that Nicole shared her penchant for quickies with then-boyfriend Brody Jenner. Or "boyfriend" if you believe her Myspace plea. Celebitchy has the story:
"I knew the NICOLE RICHIE-BRODY JENNER romance was headed for the toilet! Just days before the split, a lady shrieked when she opened the restroom door at swanky BevHills eatery Kate Mantilini and discovered the emaciated “Simple Life” star and “Princes of Malibu” hunk Brody – who were definitely NOT rehearsing for a new reality TV show together – wrapped tighter than snakes and lip-locked closerthanthis! Red-faced, the lady closed the door, then clocked a good five minutes before the heavy-breathers exited. When the pent-up lady finally got in and concluded business, she found evidence of Nicole and “Prince” Brody’s hot struggle – his wallet on the floor – but gritted her teeth and dropped it on their table as she exited."

Others who may have gotten the Nicole Richie special, served with a side of blowjob? Busta Rhymes and Steve-O from "Jackass."

Is she even human? I know I've asked this before but what does stylist Rachel Zoe dress up as for Halloween when she looks like this on a daily basis? Normally drug dealer and client don't pose for pictures of any kind.
This is Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, rocking denim shorts overalls, at a party for designer Charlotte Ronson.

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