Friday, September 29, 2006

Take a look at Dustin Diamond aka Screech Powers' quote as a spokesperson for Globat, a job he retained shortly before his porno broke news, and it about says it all: "Our nerds do it best and go all night long!" Is that a typo? What else could they possibly be referring to, except Screech's 10in flaccid penis? Okay, that's what he said on Howard Stern. The porn, which features Dustin involved in a three-way with two women AND doing a Dirty Sanchez, is called "Saved by the Smell"--get it? Wasn't in the gym lockerroom the day they described what a Dirty Sanchez was? Well, here's the def from "NO, a Dirty Sanchez is performed when a male fingers a female's ass and wipes the reminants on the female's upper lip. What you referred to below, when a male inserts his penis in a female's ass then transfers the fecal matter from his penis to the female's upper lip is the Dirty Rodruigez, the first cousin of the Dirty Sanchez. Don't feel bad though, they are commonly confused." Apparently, there's some confusion in the Dirty family...either way, they're both pretty foul acts. Youtube has a preview of the porn on their site, but I've heard it just a girl giggling, "It's bathtime!" and then...there's Screech.


Jerkstore said...

Holy fucking shit, to much is going through my brain right now and I dont know what too write. This is TO good. Dustin is a whinny bitch that didnt save his money and now he wants us to donate to him. No, his parents didnt spend his money or anything like that he is a complaining like fuck head that thinks he is a stand up and nobody thinks you are funny.

Wow, and a porn what did his wife think of that. Because the whole reason he is saving his house is for 'the family' at least that is what I have heard on talk radio with him. He has so many different stories and he makes shit up.

I just went crazy on his ass. I could talk shit on him for hours.

One more thing, no on from SBTB talks to him anymore. Probably because he asks for money. Who knows.

Celeb dish fill me in if i am wrong.

SES said...

if you were Mark Paul Gosselaar and had a lucrative career on "NYPD Blue", would you talk to Screech? Even Mario Lopez is above that shit. oh and FYI to M.P.G: Tiffani Theissen dropped the "Amber", maybe you should consider the same with "Paul". But I wouldn't put it past Screech to beg for money...not like the "SBTB" cast is making ALL that much money these days.

I really do wonder what his wife thinks of this...unless she IS one of the women in the tape.