Friday, September 29, 2006

Here's the cover of the new David LaChappelle book, "Heaven to Hell" featuring Courtney Love with what looks likes a dying Kurt Cobain. And Frances Bean? Or is that little baby Jesus? My symbology is getting confused.

From Celebitchy: "Courtney Love appears on the cover of celebrity photographer Dave LaChapelle’s new coffee table book, Heaven To Hell, cradling a skinny look-alike of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, in an image that mimics Mary holding Jesus after his crucifixion. Love’s blue dress is gathered to suggest Mary’s robes and Cobain lies limp on his back with track marks in his arms that are suggestive of Jesus’ wounds. The picture is typical of LaChapelle, who uses sets, costumes, and perfect lighting to achieve provocative and highly stylized images."

Despite her constant fuck-ups (did anyone see the Pamela Anderson roast on Comedy Central?), I kind of feel for Courtney. I think she could be a fantastic dramatic actress if she could get her shit together. But I don't know who I prefer more: glam sober Courtney or trashed out drugged up Courtney? Certainly one is more entertaining than the other, but one is easier on the eyes.

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