Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steven Tyler has joined the Pamela Anderson Hep C club...which, even though he was a drug addict and she claims she got it from Tommy Lee, makes me feel bad for him. But it sounds like he's doing good, after secretly battling the disease for years. From Bricks and Stones:

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has been secretly battling hepatitis C — a serious viral infection of the blood, often associated with dirty needles, that can lead to chronic liver disease. But the 58-year-old recovering drug addict tells "Access Hollywood's" Nancy O'Dell that after a year of interferon treatments, "It is nonexistent in my bloodstream … where it's like a complete cure." In an interview airing tomorrow night, Tyler says he was diagnosed three years ago but "I've had hepatitis C for a long time, asymptomatic. I've been pretty quiet about this," he says. "The band took a break about three years ago. … [My doctor] said now is the time, and it's 11 months of chemotherapy" — actually, interferon, which strengthens the immune system — "so I went on that, and it about killed me."


Jerkstore said...

I have been in love with Steven Tyler, or Steve (thats what I call him), for as long as I can remember. Something about his stretched out mouth and droopy face I find very attractive. But to see him holding that small dog and that blue hate made me sad. Oh and that Hep thing too.

SES said...

I totally thought of you when I was posting this! He reminds me of a sad clown. But a sad clown that rocks.

The Hep C thing is sad, as if being a recovering drug addict wasn't bad enough, now he's got to see Pam Anderson at the clinic.