Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's Paris at Oktoberfest in Munich...where my brother was last week on a mancation with his buddies, and I'm just waiting for the Paris Hilton siting story. He claims when he was in LA he saw Eva Longoria and had to fight her for ice at the soft drink machine, but the also added that she looked munchkin-like because she's so tiny. So that made it a little believable. But anyways, Paris-as-a-St. Pauli-girl isn't cool, why do all these places want her to do promotion spots? Maybe it's just a European thing, because her image in the States is quite tarnished: she was charged with a DUI today by the LA County attorney, after claiming she had one margarita on an empty stomach and all she wanted was some In N' Out burger. I hope the paparazzi gets pics of her attending alcohol classes...maybe she'll see Nicole Richie in rehab.

Today CNN reported that she's finally gone to rehab to treat her eating disorder, but Nicole's Myspace page says: "Contrary to CNN's false accusations, I did not check myself into an eating disorder rehab. I dont know why or how this rumor started, but i am home, in LA, and very happy. I do not have an eating disorder, and I don't know how many times I have to say it. Ive repeated myself so many times, I feel like a broken record. Who ever started this rumor is evil and mean, but its not true. I am happy, and healthy, and living my life." Hmmm...

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