Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry this pic of Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly is so small...but it's kind of in appropriate scale to fat Elvis, Brandon Davis. But he finally got what was coming to him! Supposedly this weekend, the firecrotch-spewing millionaire got punched in the face by Hilton's boyf Kevin Connolly, who so coolly plays Eric on HBO's "Entourage." Celebitchy reports:

"Bloated Brandon Davis was punched in the face Thursday night by Kevin Connolly, who stars on “Entourage.” After an US Weekly party at L.A. hot spot Area, Paris Hilton held an after-hours bash at her Beverly Hills home. Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love, Dave Navarro - and past Hilton conquests Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos - arrived with Davis, Nicky Hilton and Nicky’s boyfriend, Connolly. One partier told us: “Brandon and Nicky decided to run around and call everyone a ‘loser’ or ‘whore’ - like the way other people call each other ’sweety’ or ‘honey’. ” Connolly didn’t like either word and when the oil heir wouldn’t stop, Connolly “smacked him.” Davis, grandson of the late oil billionaire Marvin Davis, shrieked and cursed insults, prompting Connolly to “punch him in the face two times.”"

Yessss! And it makes it so great that it was Davis' supposed gf's sister's boyf who did it! Whoa, that was total Valley-speak. Tranlation: Paris is rumored to be Davis' girlfriend, and her sister Nicky dates Kevin Connolly. Plus a thousand Kevin Connolly! Hero of the week!

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