Monday, September 25, 2006

So Harry Morton and Lindsay Lohan broke up for a hot second. Now supposedly they're back together. No one cares.

Or do they? That certainly doesn't look like Harry Morton, Lindsay...and I can't keep making that tired Axl Rose comparison, will you just stop with the head scarves already? Here she is with Stavros Niarchos, her former hook-up and nemesis Paris' ex-boyf. From x17:

"Remember when rumors started to bubble up about how Harry Morton broke up with Lindsay Lohan for being too "dramatic"? Well, if these pictures are any indication, Morton may have been exercising a surprising degree of restraint for someone whose fortune comes from "pink tacos" - we caught his ex (?) dancing and flirting with Paris' ex-flame Stavros Niarchos! And that's just what we saw - the two may have left separately when the club closed down for the evening, but our sources report the two were getting pretty hot and heavy the whole night!
Niarchos and Lohan have been linked in the past, of course - a fling between the two while Stavros' then-girlfriend Paris was away in Europe is said to have led directly to Brandon Davis' now-immortal "firecrotch" rant earlier this year - but this takes it to a whole new level! Could this have just been an innocent drunken hookup? Or could Lindsay have been attempting to get back at Paris for cooing at Harry a few days earlier?"

God, I can't keep up.

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Jerkstore said...

Don't these girls know tons of people? Then why the heck are they all fucking the same guys.

This Stravos character has been with (an) Olsen, Hilton and Lohan... how many more some what celebs has he banged. And when will he stop, you know the clap doesn’t get better unless you treat it.