Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maybe you think Ben Affleck's a good guy (above, with wife Jennifer Garner at the Hollywoodland premiere). After all, he's from Southy, buddy to Matt Damon, an Oscar-winner, a baseball fan, proud father of daughter Violet...the list goes on, right? But remember when he went to rehab? Wanna see why? Here's a vintage clip of an "interview" with Affleck from 2004, and I put "interview" in quotes, because the news anchor spends the entire time in his lap, with Affleck mumbling, "You smell good" or "You should work at FOX in LA, they have a pole in their studio." Really, I am not making this up. Check out for the video, it's priceless.

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Jerkstore said...

That was uncomfortable to watch. I found that girl to be just as annoying as Aaa-fleck. I was waiting for her to start drooling and convulse into an orgasm.