Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A lot of press has been swirling around the death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year old son, Daniel, in the Bahamas on September 10. He was there to support his mother in the birth of her newborn daughter...whyyyy Anna Nicole decided to give birth in the Bahamas is beyond me (I also thought it was suspicious that we never saw photos of her later in term; only that intial "I'm pregnant but barely showing!" photo) but these circumstances are awful. Birth of one child, death of another is certainly tragic, but even more difficult must be the uncertainties surrounding his death. First it was ruled a death due to natural causes (specualtion: heart failure), now officials are saying his death is suspicious. Daniel was found slumped over in his mother's hospital room chair, and when Anna Nicole couldn't wake him up, she immediately called for help.

From Bricks and Stones: "Nassau, Bahamas - The chief inspector of the Bahamas coroner's office on Wednesday called the death of Anna Nicole's son suspicious. "Whenever there is a suspicious death we would have an inquest to determine how the person died," Bradley Neely, chief inspector of the coroner's office, told AP Television News. Her Majesty's Coroner Linda P. Virgill scheduled the inquest for the week of Oct. 23, saying it "is the right course of action." If jurors at the inquest decide a crime took place, the case would be sent to the attorney general's office, authorities said. An autopsy was performed Monday. On Tuesday, Virgill said that based on preliminary findings, "the cause of death is not natural." But, she said, "we wish to reserve [announcing] the cause of death at this time," adding that a toxicology results and a full autopsy report will be released by the end of the week. Virgill said an inquest will take place afterward and her staff will interview all "relevant witnesses," including Anna Nicole Smith, hospital workers and flight attendants, to develop an official timeline.The coroner's statements came in the wake of a story in the Nassau Guardian that Daniel Smith suffered a "massive heart attack" and that antidepressants had been found in his system. The newspaper said that Daniel was seen "vomiting uncontrollably" shortly before his death.

Never has something so serious been affiliated with Anna Nicole Smith. We'll see what happens later this week as details emerge...

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