Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Check out the super-imposed ass on Victoria "Posh" Beckham...yeah right, that's like a year's worth of cheeseburger ass and she hasn't touched that shit in over a decade. This is the ad for their new dual fragrances "Intimately Beckham for Him" (which smells like patchouli and amber) and "Intimately Beckham for Her" (vanilla and sandalwood), which is only available in the UK. Wait, remember how they're "friends" with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? What the fuck do they talk about? David Beckham is an athlete, Tom Cruise...plays one onscreen while riding motorcycles in real life to assure us he's straight. Victoria Beckham is anorexic, Katie Holmes...only wishes she was, to get rid of all that supposed "baby weight." What does that spell? Awkward dinner parties.

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