Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Owen Wilson went solo to the UK premiere of You, Me and Dupree but his publicist went apeshit on the media, claiming that Owen will sue any publications that insinuate he is currently in a relationship with co-star Kate Hudson. Get ready for litigation, US Weekly! In lame unrelated Owen Wilson news, both he and brother Luke use butt doubles in their films. They quote on choosing another male's ass to pass as their own at
Since when is Jessica Simpson losing weight news? Bo-ring. Meanwhile, Katherine McPhee beating bulimia? Score! And Fergie in her meth days? Double score! This current US Weekly cover is from Bricks and Stones, and I never thought I'd see Kate Hudson as a cover story...supposedly alcohol was another contributor to the breakup of her marriage to the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson, who used to drink at 10am. Does that qualify alcoholism? If so, I need to find other pursuits in the morning.

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