Thursday, July 12, 2007

From A Socialite's Life: "Little Hilary Duff is growing up fast, and seems to be taking the very public relationship of her ex-boyfriend, Joel Madden, and Nicole Richie in stride. However, she does admit that she was confused by his behavior after their break-up.

"All of the going out he did after we broke up sort of shocked me," Duff told Seventeen magazine. "Like, that's just so out of character for him, and when we were together, he hated stuff like that, so I felt like I didn't really know him as well as I thought I did."

However, it looks like Hilary's been up to some partying of her own, hitting the town with her sister, Haylie, and Brody Jenner. But don't be fooled, Hilary says. Her hopes and dreams are still squeaky-clean.

"I still want the cookie-cutter American dream," Duff insisted, "to get married, have kids, and have a house with a picket fence. I still believe that marriage can work."

I so rarely give young starlets the benefit of the doubt, but Hilary seems like a nice girl with her head on straight, so if she's partying a little bit here and there, more power to her. I saw her stuffing backpacks with food at an elementary school for goodness' sake! She's a good girl, who just needs a little more meat on her bones."

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