Friday, June 15, 2007

I don't remember this car crash being that bad. Then again, Lindsay Lohan's been involved in numerous car crashes since she got her license (did they even give her a road test?), the latest bringing DUI charges against her, as well as narcotics possession, since a "usable amount" of cocaine was found in her car. From DListed: "The dude suing Lindsay Lohan for crashing into his van outside The Ivy restaurant in 2005 is also suing the restaurant, because he claims bitch was drunk during the accident. The lawsuit claims that The Ivy is partly responsible for the accident, because they served Lindsay booze right before the crash. He is seeking $200,000 in damages. If The Ivy served her ass shouldn't they be investigated or something? Bitch was a minor when this went down and of course she was drunk! Does homegirl do anything sober anymore?" I agree with Michael K, they need to launch a full-scale assault on the clubs and restaurants in LA and NYC for letting underage stars in, especially when they end the evening with a car crash. Bring back the keg party, boycott clubs! Drink in peace in your own home! That worked for me. Er, "works" for me.

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