Friday, June 15, 2007

Soraya Lopez served time with Paris Hilton at Lynwood and says she's "top dog" in prison and the other inmates are glad to have her there. Soraya said that Paris is not wearing the orange jumpsuit that the others wear, but she's wearing pink polka dot prison scrubs. She's also wearing full make-up when other girls have to use coffee grounds and fruit punch to make lipstick and blush.

Soraya is glad that Paris was there with her, because she claims they were treated better. "The whole facility is benefiting from this - they are feeding us better and releasing us earlier because they don't want people around her."

Is Paris really this cool? Like worthy of the BMOC title (or the BBIJ--Big Bitch in Jail)? Why was she allowed to separate herself from the other inmates with pink polka dot prison scrubs? This isn't a fucking hospital where you can celebrate Easter via printed scrubs. And I guess that old adage about women dressing up for each other is true, if women are that desperate for makeup that they use coffee grounds (for hair dye??) and fruit punch.

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