Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This MAY be Paris Hilton's new home for the next 45 days...desert prison. That sounds like Josh Hartnett vehicle, or "Sahara: Part 2" gone terribly wrong. Anyway, I think we've found a winner in Joe Apaio, who says he will enforce the entire length of Paris' sentence.

From Dlisted.com: "Joe Arpaio is known as the country's toughest sheriff and he runs the Maricopa County jail in Phoenix, Arizona. In the past the jail had to send away inmates due to overcrowding, but Joe came up with a solution. He built tents in the desert to house additional inmates. In the summertime temps rise to 103. Joe has contacted the L.A. County sheriff's office and has requested Paris Hilton serve her 45-day sentence at his jail. It has been reported that L.A. is considering his request.

Joe's prisoners wear old-time prison outfits and are forced to work in a chain-gang picking up trash on the side of the road. Joe said he would love the publicity and also make sure Paris serves her entire 45-day sentence."

Paris will probs act like Naomi Campbell during her community service stint, and demand vintage.

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