Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris Hilton's father Rick was in the hospital recently having surgery, and Paris took it upon herself to get crafty. From our creepy little peeks into celebrities' lives that X17.com allows us, we've seen that Paris is quite the memento-saving craft-hound. Case in point: her love scrapbook for Stavros Niarchos, and the myriad of love letters to various boyfriends, relationships sure to last forever, especially when Paris writes in her hearts and smiley-face font: "We'll always be together." This shit was cool in the 7th grade, having Lisa Frank stickers and folders and trapper keepers, and making collages for your friends with words like "girlfriend" and "beautiful" all over it. But isn't Paris 25? A good 13 years older than a 7th grader. I think a card would have sufficed instead of a "Look at me, Daddy!" poster.

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