Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Never has a celebrity acted so above the law as Paris Hilton--oooooh wait--OJ. Well, now that she's in the same category as a murderer, let's talk of her exploits. Paris was recently convicted of driving on a suspended license and violating her probation from a September DUI and sentenced to 45 days in an LA county jail. She and her lawyer--wait, her OTHER lawyer, not the one she recently fired--are currently appealing this decision, but in the meantime, Paris decided it was perfectly acceptable to take a little cruise in her Bently.

"Despite having her licence suspended, Paris was followed by photographers as she lost her way in LA, finishing up in a dead-end even after reading print-out directions.
Photographers also reported she pulled three u-turns in a search for her final destination."

As someone who is photographed as much as Paris and apparently has 10 helicopters flying above her house, as Cameron Diaz, who lives nearby, recently commented, you'd assume that Paris would be a bit more cautious about say, breaking the law repeatedly. There are currently two petitions online, one to encourage the jailing of Paris, and one to "Save Paris" (run through her Myspace page), and rightfully so, the appropriate petition is winning (jail Paris). Perhaps her sentence will increase if the judge happens to see these latest paparazzi shots of Paris driving? Either way, expect a "Law & Order" mock-up episode.

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