Thursday, May 17, 2007

From DListed: "Paris Hilton hasn't even stepped into a jail and she's already getting her time cut in half for good behavior. Jail officials have cut her some slack and reduced her 45 days to 23 days, because she sucked them off.

The L.A. County sheriff's office announced that they recognize her good behavior including showing up at her recent court date. Paris will also serve her 23-days in a special unit. These cells are specifically reserved for high-profile inmates who might otherwise be targeted by fellow prisoners. She will also get an hour a day to make phone calls, watch TV and shower.

This is a vacation if you ask me. I doubt she will serve more than 2 days. She hasn't even started serving and they've already reduced it which means they will probably cut it more when she shows up to jail. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm sure she'll even cry about this and when she gets out after 2 hours of serving she'll do the talk show circuits and talk about how hard it was."

So true. She'll def be on "the View", "Regis and Kelly", and mabes "Ellen" if she's lucky. I don't really see them having an interesting conversation though. Oh well, if all else fails, she can just let her boob pop out like Cameron Diaz did on "Ellen." That'll give them something to talk about, besides how hard jail was.

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