Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disappointing casting news: Elijah Wood will be playing Iggy Pop in an upcoming biopic of the singer's life. Said Michael K of DListed: "Gay-midget Elijah Wood will play Iggy Pop in a new biopic called "The Passenger." The film will chronicle Iggy's early days with The Stooges. The film is being budgeted at around $8 million and will shoot in the next 6-months for a 2008 release. Iggy has given his blessing, but won't take part in the film.
First we have Kiki Dunst as Debbie Harry and now this?! What's next, Haylie Duff as Cyndi Lauper?! The cheerleader from Heroes as Madonna?! Marc Anthony as Karen Carpenter?!"

I personally would go see Skeletor play Karen Carpenter. Even if it supports JLo's finances in any way.

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