Friday, March 02, 2007

KISS THIS ASS GOODBYE! And by "this ass", I don't mean Harry Potter's, and yes, this is the second time I've posted that image but this is for everyone at work who will immediately have to close the browser window for fear of being accused of viewing little boy porn. Ha ha.

But really, "this ass" is celebdish's ass...I've moved to a new site and you can access it here:

hosted by Reality Realm. The format's different from blogger, even the ground-breaking, revolutionary blogger beta, but still the same sort of content. Only thing that's really changed is I pretend I have a real staff and thus celebdish now speaks in "we" and "us" format.

So check it out. You have to become a "member" in order to leave comments but nobody leaves comments on blogger anyway so don't you worry!

Oh, one other thing that's different is the pics aren't so big. Which kind of blows, especially when you have to examine a pic of Nicole Richie's ring finger while she's carrying coffee to see if she's engaged to Joel Madden. Whatevs.

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