Thursday, February 01, 2007

With all her other cravings being addressed, Lindsay Lohan has now limited her addictions to two things, sent via text message to lothario Brody Jenner: McDonald's and sex. Which, considering her earlier pursuits, are a bit more tame, but knowing Lohan's predilection for addiction, she better moniter those two, lest she become a fat nymphomaniac. The report: has learned that Lohan, 20, who entered L.A.'s Wonderland rehab center on Jan. 18 to treat her addiction issues, has been sending bachelor-about-town Brody Jenner, 23, sexy text messages for the last couple weeks.

We've eye-balled one particularly flirtatious sext-message that Lohan sent Jenner - former flame of Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad - last Saturday night in which the 12-stepper, among other requests, texted that all she wanted was "McDonald's and sex."

When asked by to comment on Lohan's textual pursuit, Jenner, who just signed a deal to be a spokesman for Scope mouthwash, said, "Sorry, dude. I don't text and tell."

So Jenner has conquered reality whores (Cavallari, Richie, and Conrad--wait, why are they all famous?), now he's moving on to film whores? Hollywood is just one big cesspool of STD's, however at least chivalry is not dead, as A Socialite's Life commented: after dismounting his white horse, Jenner revealed he "does not text and tell."

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