Wednesday, February 07, 2007

While I bought last week's InTouch (it's $1.99, how can you lose? plus they have that wicked crossword puzzle in the back, waaaay easier than People's), the real news is this week's cover, divulging the details of Britney's gay sex told by KFed's friend, a totally believable source, I'm sure.

Here's the story from their website:

"Britney Spears has been telling everyone who’ll listen how much she is enjoying the single life since her November split from Kevin Federline, but insiders tell In Touch exclusively that the mother of two has been living a secret life of wild sex long before her marriage ended. Rap music producer Omar “Iceman” Sharif, who is a friend of Kevin’s, tells In Touch, “Britney was into threesomes and girls.” He says Britney would often invite a bunch of girlfriends over to the couple’s house to party.

An insider who knows the couple well says that over the course of a night, Britney would often disappear into a bedroom with her girlfriends. “Sometimes it was three girls, and sometimes there were more like six,” the insider says. “I heard about her being with girls at least 20 times while they were married.”

A friend says that Kevin plans to use tales of Britney’s secret sexual exploits and drug use in his battle for custody of their sons, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden, 5 months. “She has told Kevin more than once that she is sexually attracted to women and men equally,” says the pal. “He wants to show that she’s not such an angel after all.”

Okay, first off, I NEVER thought Britney was an angel. When that first urban legend surfaced about her going to the hospital to get her stomach pumped and it turns out her stomach was full of JT's cum, well, I knew we were in for a wild ride with Britney. So I'm not surprised that these reports are being published. Do I think they're true? Probs not. The more interesting cover story is this week's Newsweek with a pic of Paris and Britney with the title, "Girls Gone Wild". This article wonders if these over-exposed celebs are turning America's young girls into what they call "prosti-tots." Where do they come up with this shit? The writers don't even answer their own questions. Surburban Chicago girls interviewed think Britney is skanky, but like her music. Where does this leave us? Maybe they should have interviewed the paparazzi who captured these crotch shots on film and ask them why it's fair game to publish such photos. Not to excuse Britney, Paris, and Lindsay's behavior, but is it me, or is the paparazzi stepped up their aggressive photo-taking in the last few years?

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