Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From A Socialite's Life, Jennifer Aniston has a new nose and a new outlook on dating...she recently invited neighbor Keanu Reeves over!

"Jennifer Aniston took her new nose for a test drive and invited Keanu Reeves over for some action . Ok, maybe they just smoked a bowl and watched some movies. ANY MOVIE NOT STARRING BRAD PIT OR THAT HOME-WRECKING DO-GOODER BITCH!

Jennifer Aniston, 38 reportedly shared a secret evening at her home with Hollywood hunk Keanu, 42.

The handsome actor, who has a house near Jennifer Aniston's in the Hollywood Hills, came over to her place for a private rendezvous, which they did their best to keep under wraps.

Guess it didn't work. I'm sure Keanu was ecstatic, though. He doesn't seem to be getting chosen for much these days. He's probably happy for the work. Even if that work involves having to be taken down and shown the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Death Shrine she has under lock and key in the basement. And presented with the crib where Shiloh...I mean the recently adopted "Sarah Aniston" is going to sleep. *evil laugh*"

Ha ha, what if she had a nervous breakdown and kidnapped Shiloh? Lifetime movies calling.

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