Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I never saw this episode of "Punk'd" as I try to avoid anything Kutcher has done professionally, but I'll admit he (or his producers) come up with some pretty good pranks on celebs. JT was tricked into believing all his belongings were being reposessessed by tax authorities, and he later admitted to Entertainment Weekly it was partly due to the fact that he was high. Turns out he'd become quite the pothead during the making of "Justified" which explains the album's cheese-o title.

"...But by the time he went solo to record Justified, the committed perfectionist seemed like he couldn't quite hold it together. In fact, he had become a bit of a stoner. Timberlake has previously admitted that Justified was constructed in something of a marijuana haze. That partly explains, Timberlake says, his somewhat bewildered 2003 appearance on Ashton Kutcher's MTV prank show, Punk'd. Timberlake, who was tricked into believing that his possessions were being taken away by the tax authorities, seemed totally devastated — for a minute there, he was known as The Man Ashton Kutcher Almost Made Cry.

''I'll give you a little hint on that Punk'd thing,'' Timberlake says. ''That was back in my first-album creative days. That's why I looked the way I did, if that makes any sense to you.''

Can I confirm what you're saying here?

''I don't give a s---.''

Were you stoned?

''Incredibly,'' he laughs. ''Yeah, that was a trippy experience. That was why I was completely glassyeyed.... As a matter of fact, I was like, Okay, I got to stop doing this.... I don't do that anymore.''

If I came home from the studio after smoking blunts and hitting Michael Jackson-high notes all day long and saw that all my stuff was being taken, I would flip out. Hell, I'd cry; I'd probs smoke about 35 cigarettes too. You know he and Kutcher smoked again after the cameras stopped rolling.

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