Friday, February 02, 2007

Dina Lohan, world's greatest mother and also the original "White Oprah", was caught by Dlisted's Michael K last night on "Entertainment Tonight". She reminds me of "cool mom" from the Lohan movie "Mean Girls"--in fact, I think she was the onset inspiration.

Dina Lohan is at it again! I’m minding my own business, watching Entertainment Tonight when Dina Lohan comes on the screen totally ruining my night. She has invited the cameras in with her while she travels from New York to Los Angeles to visit Lindsay in rehab. Yup. She talks on the plane how she’s sick of the media bothering her daughter, yet she’s bringing the media to her daughter.

She said, “Well, it’s obvious they fabricate [stories], they make it up. It’s not even true and that’s the hurtful part. Someone has to stop the madness and the lies.”

Dina explains why she’s whoring her daughter out. “I’m doing this now because when she finishes up the program, they’re just going to be following her to see if she messes up. It’s just a horrible thing, and someone’s going to get seriously hurt.”

Dina also said she’s going to “stop the madness before her child is killed” and that she’s going to change who her daughter hangs out with, because she’s around a lot of “sketchy people.” YEAH YOU, BITCH!

What does this ho do for a living anyways, besides talk about her own daughter to the media any chance she gets.

That being said, I nominate her for “Budweiser’s Mother of the Year!”

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