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Blogger friends Celebitchy have gone all Dateline NBC, conducting an unofficial investigation into the site and if Joe Francis is really behind the scandal. The most damning evidence: the site domain was registered in November 2003, over 3 years before the scandal broke. My question is, what would one see who visited after November 2003? Was it under construction, or was there already content available for viewing? There's something weird going on, definitly.

Is Joe Francis behind Paris Exposed? A celebitchy original investigation

You probably already heard that Joe Francis was on Howard Stern yesterday and talked a lot of crap, at Howard’s expected urging, about the famous women he’d slept with. He said Paris gave the best BJ, and according to people who listened to the show he claimed that Tara Reid was the worst in bed because she made him wear a condom. The recap on the Howard Stern website is cleaned up a bit and just mentions that Joe said Paris was the best in bed.

What’s revealing about the Howard Stern recap is that a tired, probably high Joe references the Paris Exposed site several times and urges people to go there:

Joe claimed he wasn’t happy that the Paris tapes were released, but both Howard and Robin thought he was behind their release. However, Joe promised that wasn’t the case and was planning on suing the tapes’ distributors. Joe went on to say the man behind the tapes tried to extort him for $7 million, and, when he refused to pay that, he then released the videos. Joe also noted he owned the copyright to the tapes, so, even if they were released, he thought he should be getting money from them.

Joe then acknowledged he had sex with Paris, but denied he was ever with Lindsay Lohan. As Joe again began fading out, Howard informed him he was “a sh*tty interview” this morning, but he responded it was because of his phone connection, not that he didn’t want to talk…

Joe continued to claim he wasn’t looking to make any money off the Paris videos, but wanted to stop them from being sold instead.

When Howard asked Joe who “the best” sexual partner he’s ever had was, he named Paris. Joe proceeded to suggest people visit the Website to watch his video so they could see how “good” she was themselves. This led Howard to point out that Joe had referenced the site a number of times during the interview, which he thought was another sign that Joe was behind it. However, Joe again denied any ties to the site.

So, he name-drops the site repeatedly, which is suspicious, but that might just mean that he still wants to cash in on the free publicity and that all this went down like Paris and Joe claim. Or does it?

I did a whois on the Domain, and it was registered way back in November, 2003.

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.LEASEWEB.NL
Name Server: NS5.LEASEWEB.NL
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Updated Date: 30-jan-2007
Creation Date: 07-nov-2003
Expiration Date: 07-nov-2008

Those registration names just seem to be general registration companies that cannot be traced to the real creators of the domain, and it looks like there’s a privacy block on the domain. I did whois searches on Joe’s professional sites, including his business Mantra Entertainment at and Girls Gone Wild at, and there’s no connection between the dates or companies used to register the site.

Now, who would register the domain way back in 2003 if it wasn’t Joe? Wasn’t that when he was dating Paris?

If these people acquired Paris’ stuff recently, wouldn’t they pick a domain name that they wouldn’t have to buy off someone else, like or or something?

There is a real lawsuit available through the Smoking Gun website, in which Paris files suit against the supposed people who created this site, Bardia Persia, who is said to have paid about $2,700 for the contents of the storage locker, and Nabil and Nabila Haniss, who are said to have paid Persia a whopping $10 million for the stuff and to have created the Paris Exposed site.

If you do a Google search for Bardia Persia, Nabila Haniss, and Nabile Haniss, there are next to no results if Paris and are filtered out.

Google search for: +”Nabil Haniss” -”” -”paris” : No Results
Google search for: +”Nabila Haniss” -”” -”paris” : 3 Results about Paris
Google search for: +”Bardia Persia” -”” -”paris” : No Results

If these people were totally savvy enough to buy all of Paris’ stuff and sell it online, don’t you think they’d have some other online information about them? They created this whole slick website. If they really exist, there would be some kind of Internet history available. Also, how did Francis find out their names? There’s no name attached to the domain at all.

The main thing that blows this whole “Paris was violated” story out of the window is the fact that the domain was registered in November, 2003!

Joe Francis made his dubious fortune through the subscription Girls Gone Wild videos. Of course he would try to profit from Paris’ stuff using a similar subscription model, and she’s undoubtedly behind it too.

In case you’re still skeptical, check out the near-identical wording on the Girls Gone Wild website and a recent e-mail sent to Paris Exposed subscribers

From Joe Francis’ Girls Gone Wild Website:

Q: What do I see if I join?

A: You will have full access to hundreds of video clips, thousands of photo sets, and live video streaming. Plus, you can see exclusive web content that’s too hot for any of our regular video titles! Membership is a great deal. Click here to join now.

Looking for the Ultimate Rush? How about the hottest college coeds and the sexiest girl-on-girl action you’ll find anywhere?

From an e-mail sent to Paris Exposed subscribers:

Thank you for joining, home of the Most Exclusive Content on the HOTTEST Celebrity of our time.

The Paris Exposed Website and its alternate IP, which was mailed to subscribers on Monday, are currently down.

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