Friday, February 02, 2007


--> When you think of the phrase "strong, healthy marriage", who comes to mind? If you're thinking Ice-T and Coco, well, you're right on the money, because they'll be writing a book on the topic. And while we're on the topic of odd pairings, when the producers of "Law & Order" were casting the street-smart thug turned cop, they really thought of Ice-T?

--> New couple DJ AM and Mandy Moore paraded their love around Sundance, exhibiting all sorts of PDAs. I still think they're kind of awkward, and both on the rebound, so I'm not predicting this lasts long. About as long as her movie "Because I Said So" is in theaters.

--? Interesting bit of trivia: Nicolas Cage had to get his Ghost Rider tattoo covered up when he actually played the part of Ghost Rider in the upcoming film of the same name. That's totally like drinking a Hush Puppy slushie where on the cup is a picture of a Hush Puppy drinking out a cup with his picture on it! Mind-bending! Because THAT cup has a picture of the Hush Puppy drinking out a cup with his picture on it, and so on and so forth. Wow, how did this post turn into that.

--> Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on their way to the Bahamas to scatter her recently deceased mother, Marcheline Bertrand's ashes over the sea, as it was her favorite place.

--> Reports that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty broke up lasted one day, after pics surfaced of Pete injecting with a crappy Thai hostel in the background just two days after their alleged commitment ceremony. Perez Hilton posted that Kate visited Pete in rehab on Thursday!

--> Liz Hurley did not invite former longtime beau Hugh Grant and his current girlfriend Jemima Kahn to her upcoming wedding, which could be like her form of revenge for that whole Divine Brown thing. Grant was said to understand that he wasn't invited, and was probs charmingly British about it.

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