Tuesday, January 23, 2007

While I'm sure my readership has suffered since I haven't been posting, so I thought I'd win you back with some pictures of an all-too emo Jared Leto. I think he ate an ugly sandwich coated with eyeliner. This photo is from the Sundance Film Festival, you know, that indie mecca where stars go to ski and get loads of free shit. Jared is premiering his new film "Chapter 27" for which he gained 67 lbs by eating two pints of Haagen Daaz a day. Woof.

But fatty got ferocious with a photog and Page Six has the story:

"When a photographer from WireImage attempted to snap Leto’s picture, the eyeliner- clad cad shouted, “No! No more, bro!” Leto walked out - but not before a “big guy” yanked at his long tresses. Leto “whipped off his hat with earflaps on and stepped up to the guy,” said a spy. “They were yelling at each other.” But no punches were thrown. And though Leto left, he came back a couple hours later to look for the guy. (Leto’s rep didn’t return calls.)"

Ah bro. Even worse than the frat-minded "brah." Couldn't he have clutched his heart and screamed, "Shaking like a dog shitting razorblades?" Now THAT would be emo.

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