Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here, we use our imaginations to envision celebrities involved in scandals, feuds, crotch shots, rehab, or maybe a movie premiere if I'm bored.

Because my work computer does not allow me copy and paste images of, among other things, Paris' buttcrack, Axl (in all his cornrow glory) and KFed hanging out at Butter in NYC, Britney at the McDonald's drive-thru or with her Red Bull & Marlboro menthols, Cisco Adler's ballsack, the strange yet fascinating transformation of Cojo, or my fav celeb baby, Coco Arquette, I may be doing text-only posts for a while. I know the pics are the best part, really, I do. I'll get back to doing pics eventually, but for now, it's IMAGINATION STATION.

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