Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So there's been some conflicting stories about what exactly happened to Britney Spears at PURE on New Year's Eve. Some reports have her "collapsing" and thus being carried out, while her reps say she was simply tired and exhausted. Which we all know translates to shit-faced. Seriously, PR people are awful at lying. They should have recruited me when I was 16 and a brilliant liar.

M+D: Hey Sar, how was your night?
S: Good. (I'm too high to talk to you right now.)
M+D: What'd you do?
S: Saw "Titanic" for the third time. (Drove around your minivan drinking 40s and shooting super-soakers at pedestrians.)
M+D: For the third time? How was Leo's death this time around?
S: Heart-breaking. (I can't believe I made curfew.)

So anyway, here are the early reports of what happened, and if you want a cell phone upload of Britney at the beginning of the night, check out Trent's page, Pink is the New Blog.com. I guess it all goes downhill after that. Robin Leach, via Popsugar, reports:

"Mystery now surrounds Britney's collapse early this morning. She had been seated on a VIP tented-cabana bed overlooking the dance floor at 12:50AM talking with one of her male dancers. She intimated she wanted to leave and as she stood up, "she went into a dead faint and just fell right to the floor."

Her group pulled her up and lay her on the bed at the same time as her personal security asked for the club to provide at least 10 other security managers to "get her out as quickly as possible." They surrounded the stricken pop star in an attempt to screen her from all observers and the new years revelers on the crowded dance floor.

One woman in the Spears' entourage yelled, "Make sure nobody gets any photos. No photos anywhere."

When the 12-strong security phalanx was in place, two of her dancers wrapped Britney in what appeared to be a blanket-hooded poncho. Literally carrying her in both arms, they managed to propell her through the crowds and out of the club.

It appeared as if "she was being dragged as she wasn't walking under her own speed" said one eyewitness. "It looked as if they wanted to get her up to her hotel room as soon as possible."

At 2AM this morning, an ambulance was summoned to the hotel but it was totally unclear if it was brought to Caesars for Britney."

She really doesn't have a good track record with NYE. Remember when she married Jason Alexander in Vegas on New Year's, then got divorced 55 hours later? That was the beginning of the end. But now reports are coming in that she was just tired, per her manager:

"By about one o'clock, she was just done, so we took her out," Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, told The Associated Press Monday. "She was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep."

Rudolph denied reports circulating on gossip Web sites that Spears, 25, collapsed shortly after midnight and was carried out by bodyguards. The star was hired to host the festivities at Ceasars Palace's PURE nightclub.

Rudolph said Spears walked out of the club and did not seek medical attention.

"There is nothing out of the ordinary here," he said.

Hmmm. I have trouble believing that she coincidentally got tired on NYE, the one night of the year when an all-nighter is almost guaranteed. Again, I choose to believe the less reliable, but juicier gossip-infused source.

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