Monday, December 18, 2006

So maybe you've heard, Nicole Richie got a DUI, but not under the influence of alcohol (she passed a field sobriety test) only "a little bit of pot" and some Vicodin. She was coming back from new boyfriend Joel Madden's house early in the am when several drivers called the police when she was spotted driving the wrong way down the freeway. When cops got to her car, she was parked in the carpool lane, talking on her cell phone. Seriously, I WISH would get a transcript of that call. But anyway, she's supposedly attending rehab after Lionel bailed her out for $15,000 but we all know how that goes... now she's out and about again, buying food that she probably won't eat. It's probs for her stoned friends.


thealphafelines said...

her assistant is totally gross and has a flat butt.


SES said...

she looks like the fat one from the donnas.