Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is Lindsay Lohan a cutter? Check out these scars on her left wrist, frequently seen bandaged in photos, both telltale signs of cutting. Her rep says she fell into a bush and scratched her arm, and though we all know how often Linsday falls, it's usually because she's fucked up. And she certainly has reason to be depressed after her disastrous hosting job at the World Music Awards last week, which included (surprise!) more falls, lots of boos, and her ditching out midway through.
Reports Star Pulse News Blog: "Lindsay Lohan was left red-faced last night when her hosting duties at the World Music Awards in London were met with boos from the audience. The pop star/actress looked visibly upset by the frosty reception and abandoned her duties halfway through the Earls Court ceremony. Reports claim she tumbled down a flight of stairs backstage and had to rest." Oh. Okay.
Yikes! And what a cracked-out blue mattress she's on.
Can you imagine the poor intern who had to open up every magazine and find a story on Lindsay Lohan, then carely splay it out on the mattress? Doesn't beat getting coffee.

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